If you need to cancel an event, please use the cancellation link located at the bottom of the event registration email that was sent to you when you signed up.  If you are canceling within 5 days of an event or the gate list is already posted below, email or call Holly directly.

Click below for information about each stadium, including uniforms and how to get into each stadium

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Address – 420 SE 23rd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55455

What to wear –

  • BlackPants -Pants must be dress pants, no leggings, denim, or windpants.
  • Black T-shirt (A shirt to wear over the top is provided
  • Closed toe shoes, preferably black.

(Pick up your uniform shirt at your stand)

(Hats are yours to keep and bring to each event; shirts gets handed back each time)


  • hair, shoulder length or longer, tied back and secured in a bun

  • beards trimmed to no longer than 1/4 inch

  • natural nails keep free of dirt polish or acrylic covering, trimmed to finger tip

  • jewelry- no watches, bracelets, wrist step counters, rings with stones or earrings
  • larger than 1/4 inch in diameter; no dangling earrings or earrings with stones

Training – DNC has a mandatory TEAMS training throughout the year for adults 18+, which is good for 3 years.

How to get into the stadium – You enter the building via the door under the Murray sign.  There will be security outside that will check you and your bags. They usually give us a reduced parking pass for one of the local parking ramps.

Where to check in – When you first go through security, you will check in using your ID at the desk outside of the Murray door. Then you will need to go up a small ramp to the next check-in desk, where you will sign in. Afterwards, report to your stand.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS MAY NOT BE BROUGHT TO SERVICE AREAS.  All personal belongings, once through Security, will need to be checked in a locker. If you believe you have an ESSENTIAL item that must be granted an exception, please let our staff know at check-in.

EMPLOYEE MEAL VOUCHERS – Employee Meal Vouchers are provided, please see the inventory manager. Volunteers are to use this voucher to obtain and eat their Employee Meal in Marshalling, and not in the stand. No eating is allowed in the service areas.

Minimum payout for this stadium – $65

Minimum age – You must be 16 year or older

Address – 600 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

What to wear –

  • Black Pants-Pants must be dress pants, no leggings, denim, or wind pants.

  • Black T-shirt (a long sleeved shirt will be provided for you to wear on your first event this shirt is yours to keep and bring back each event).

  • Closed toe shoes, preferably black.

  • Hat will be provided the first day you volunteer.  You must bring the hat each time you volunteer.

Pick up your hat and shirt at the sign-in desk down stairs in the dock area.

Training – Levi, the group that runs the concession stands for the Target Center, has mandatory training each year. This training is completed online. They also require a background check which can be completed online.

How to get into the stadium – Employee entrance is located under Hubberts on N 6th street. You can also access from the skyway elevator opposite the Jack Links wild side store.

Where to check in – Check-in is located across from the dock. Coats and bags must be put into lockers before checking in.  Bring your own lock. Go through security and continue down the long hallway to staff check-in situated across from the loading dock. Do not get in line with Target Center staff.

Minimum payout for this stadium – $50

Minimum age – 18

Address – 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN 55403

What to wear – APPEARANCE STANDARDS (directly from the Twins Legal Department)

  • Concessions Volunteers wear BLACK pants or shorts just-above-the-knee-length or longer, of a professional style, in a woven or twill fabric such as Dockers or Dickies brands. NO Denim/Jeans/gym clothes/shiny fabrics/tripes or logos.
  • In addition, we PREFER all black skid-resistant shoes, but will not require volunteers to buy shoes if they have a safe/comfortable alternative. MUST still cover entire foot, have skid-resistant soles.
  • White t-shirt

  • Hat, which is given to you the first time you volunteer. You must bring each time you volunteer

(Pick up your uniform shirt from your stand)

Training – Run by Delaware North Sports Services (DNC) DNC has mandatory training each year. In-person training must be completed prior to volunteering at Target Field. Once you do the in person training, the following year can be done online.

How to get into the stadium – You enter the Twins Stadium via the employee entrance at the inter- section of 7th Street and Twins Way. There is an employee entrance door located in the huge wooden vents slats (seen in the picture below). It is the size of a regular door. Once you enter, you will go through security.

Where to check in – Check in is right behind the security desk as you enter the stadium. Afterwards, report to the floor manager at your assigned stand.

Minimum payout for this stadium – $70

Minimum age – You must be 18 year or older

There are several free carpool programs, that allows you to park in surface ramps, either the Glendale/Lyndale by Farmers Market lot (which is often full during the farmers market) or the North 4th street lot (which is under I94 over by the Ford Building) this is never full. 

You can see the lots on this map.

To register your carpool, start at

If you end up at ABC Ramps or are asked to pay for parking, you are in the wrong place. 

Email and ask for help getting the ‘free hang tag’ for the Farmer’s market lot or North 4th Street Lot.

$4 Twins Parking

U.S. Bancorp Center Garage @ 811 LaSalle Ave

(Do not park at the Lasalle court ramp)

Instructions for $4 Online Pass

  1. Go to and search for Target Field (under venue selection)

  2. Select Target Field and click Next

  3. Select what date and click Find Parking

  4. Find Parking will automatically select a ramp, however, just enter access code

    homerun” and the U.S. Bancorp Garage will populate with the $4 rate.

  5. Select the “Twins Employee Parking” (at 811 Lasalle Ave) and add to cart

  6. Go through the guest checkout

    TIPS & TRICKS – Printable barcodes work the best, however, if you are using your phone to scan into the ramp – Please enlarge the barcode and turn up your brightness. You must enter at 2PM or after for your barcode to work. You will scan you barcode here at the entrance device as well as at the exit lanes.

Note: The $4 rate does not apply to any afternoon weekday Twins games. This rate is only offered for evening and weekend games.


Address – 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415

What to wear –

  • BlackPants-Pants must be dress pants, no leggings, denim, or windpants.
  • WhiteT-shirt (a US Bank specific shirt will be provided to wear over the top). This shirt is yours to keep and bring back each game.
  • Closed toe shoes, preferably black.
  • You will also receive a hats at your first event.  This hit is yours to keep and bring to each event.

Training – Aramark has a mandatory TEAMS training throughout the year for adults 18+, which is good for 3 years.

How to get into the stadium – There will be a PDF posted with each US Bank Event Gatelist that will list this information.  Here are some general rules.  Free parking is provided for certain events. You must then get a free shuttle from the parking ramp to the stadium.  You must enter from the backside of stadium.  Go into the white tent and get a security card. (check-in 1) Minors must have a wristband to show that they cannot sell alcohol. Enter through the TEAMS door and go up the ramp.

Where to check in –

Sign in at table (check-in 2). While you are there, get your parking validated. Then go to Beer port B121 to check in with Achieving Dreams. (check- in 3) Then go to your assigned stand. (check-in 4)

Minimum payout for this stadium – $120

Minimum age – You must me 16 year or older

Please click on the event date to get the gatelist